Gilding Mop -Squirrel Mix

Gilding Mop -Squirrel Mix

Economic mix with synthetic for use with heavier metals
Code: GD-5



A gilding mop is used to gently tap and smooth metal leaf that has been applied to a sized surface. If the metal was applied using the entire leaf, it is recommended to use a Gilderęs tip to transfer the leaf. A gilding mop is also used to skewer excess gold and for final burnishing. This classic round shape will reach deep profiles. The mop can also be used to apply water size to curved molding and relief areas.

Brush Usage: skewer metal leaf or to apply size for water gilding

Hair Length:
Available Sizes:
Hair type:
oil or water
1.5", 1.85"
6, 10
1", 1.5" measured at tip
squirrel, goat mix
Brush Length:
Ferrule Type:
Brush care:
1.5", 1.85"
wire tied quill
pen hold
Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap