Water Softener

Water Softener

Badger hair for OIL/WATER mediums
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Our classic hand mounted badger brush is made out of the finest grouping of water badger hair. Stay clear of the 'BAD'-ger impostor whose hair is made out of goat hair that has been dipped into black paint to look like a real badger. These impostors are far too soft to move the glaze. Stiffer hair is good for softening and easier to clean as you go.

  • 3/4 inch thick, hand selected badger hair, which repels water
  • Resists fanning out with overuse
  • Best used with thin reversible water mediums (i.e. gouache, beer glaze)
  • See also Round Badger - a true innovation for thicker water mediums
  • Fantastic for burnishing Dutch metal w/o scratching (for gold leaf, Chiqueteur)
  • Size 2 best for smoothing intricate surfaces
  • Size 4 is the universal size - best for faux marble/woodgraining
  • Size 6 the best for your largest smoothing job - amazingly productive brush!

Brush Usage: softening water medium

Hair Length:
Available Sizes:
Hair type:
3" (80mm)
2, 4, 6
2.5 (63mm), 4 (100mm), 6 (150mm)
Brush Length:
Ferrule Type:
Brush care:
3" (80mm)
Conductor's Hold
wooden round medium
Water: Wash with soap