Blue Suede Oval

Blue Suede Oval

Soft, blue nylon for WATER medium
Code: GLZ-25



Great for FURNITURE! This Italian-inspired oval brush has a thick hair density that allows for greater medium retention. Our new BLUE hair will help apply water varnishes and water basecoats softly and efficiently. We've introduced this brush a year ago and the feedback has been superb! Our BLUE brushes seem to be a brush breakthrough! Use with the BLUE Spalter for the best, ČŘ“glass-likeČŘĚ varnish finish.

  • Available in size 40 & 60
  • For best results, keep the brush saturated with varnish
  • 2/3 inch thick, nylon synthetic
  • Oval shape great mix between flat and round brushes
  • Brush 'springs' into action (learn more)
  • For water applications only
  • Small sizes great for painting stiles/rails, small panels, mullions, etc.

Brush Usage: varnishing

Hair Length:
Available Sizes:
Hair type:
1.8" (45mm)
40, 50, 60mm
1.5, 2.5 inches
blue synthetic
Brush Length:
Ferrule Type:
Brush care:
1.8" (45mm)
Drummer's Hold, Pencil Hold
wooden flat medium
Water: Wash with soap