Round Softener

Round Softener

Code: MB-10


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This densely-packed softener is perfect for all small and detailed areas. Our classic hand mounted badger brush is made out of the finest grouping of water badger hair. Stay clear of the 'BAD'-ger impostor whose hair is made out of goat hair that has been dipped into black paint to look like a real badger. These impostors are far too soft to move the glaze. Stiffer hair is good for softening and easier to clean as you go.

  • 3/4 inch thick, hand selected badger hair, which repels water
  • Resists fanning out with overuse
  • Best used with thin reversible water mediums (i.e. gouache, beer glaze)
  • See also Water Softener- a true innovation for thicker water mediums
  • Fantastic for burnishing Dutch metal w/o scratching (for gold leaf, Chiqueteur)
  • Size 2 best for smoothing intricate surfaces