Slanted Striping

Slanted Striping

Sable hair for striping
Code: TL-11


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A pure sable brush pays for itself on the first job! Our primary brush for the thinnest, straightest lines desired in striping. Used on its side, every tip of the hand-selected sable hair should be in contact for the longest, and most consistent stripe. Truly, the slanted, sable striping brush will prove to be invaluable when used effectively with a Striping Edge for faux molding & other linear projects. Available in 5 sizes.

  • High-quality sable hair
  • Sable hair ages well and is self-sharpening
  • Long handle for use with Striping Edge
  • Slanted shape is best for straight, thin lines
  • Can be used in oil or water when dedicated (learn more)
  • Great for 'dirt marks' in corners and recessed molding
  • Great for opaque stripes and painted grout lines

Brush Usage: trompe l'oeil; striping; opaque accents

Hair Length:
Available Sizes:
Hair type:
.5" (12mm)
6, 8, 10, 12, 14
.1-.4" (2.5-10mm)
Brush Length:
Ferrule Type:
Brush care:
.5" (12mm)
Conductor's Hold
wooden round long
Water: Wash with soap, Oil: Thinned & lard