Sable Mix Flat

Sable Mix Flat

Economical mix of sable with synthetic
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In order to make a more economical brush, we've combined some natural sable hair with synthetic fiber which holds up to today's water mediums. The flat-tip, sable blend brush is used primarily for half tone shadowing where a sharp, unfaded stroke is desired. Use effectively with a Striping Edge for faux molding & other linear projects. Muralists will surely love this series of sable/mix for production and accuracy. Available in 3 sizes.

  • sable /synthetic blend
  • Flat shape is best for half tone shadows
  • Perfect for landscape and figure murals
  • Larger sizes great for quick blending, fading, and wide half tone

Brush Usage: trompe l'oeil; striping; half toneTL-8

Hair Length:
Available Sizes:
Hair type:
.5" (13mm)
2, 6, 8
2-8 mm
Sable mix
Brush Length:
Ferrule Type:
Brush care:
.5" (13mm)
Pencil Hold, Drummer's Hold
wooden round medium
Wash with soap