.7mm Plastic Japanese Trowel

.7mm Plastic Japanese Trowel

Plastic trowel with a pointed tip. Excellent for application of aggregate plasters. Economical and easy to clean.
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High-quality, traditional Japanese trowels are essential in the decorative painter's tool-kit.   There is a range of trowels on the market, but the Japanese version provides a versatility and ease of use that is unmatched.   Generally, Japanese trowels are meant to move softer and smoother plasters like Venetian, clay, or other low-aggregate textures.   Our range of products come in primarily, stainless steel or plastic; flexible or rigid options.    The thicker, more rigid trowels are best for applying the plaster.  The thinner, more flexible, stainless steel trowels are superb for smoothing, knocking-down, burnishing, and polishing the finishing layers.
  •   Very delicate - less likely to scratch the surface
  •   Easy grip (especially easy with small hands)  
  •   Gets tight into corners
  •   Great for "knock-down" troweling 
  •   Fantastic burnisher/polishing tool
  •   Gets sharper with use
  •   Won't rust

Which trowel is right for your project?

Thickness:   Sizes range from .3mm (thin) to 1mm (thick).  Thinner trowels allow for a delicate, soft touch.  Thicker trowels are excellent applicators.

Material:  Stainless steel trowels come thin or thick and are more resilient to wear.  Plastic trowels are thicker, cheaper, and less likely to nick when dropped.

Size:  We love the medium to small sizes of trowels.  You"ll be saying "these are so cute!" but they are seriously essential in small spaces and corners.

Care instructions:   Stainless steel trowels are subject to damage when dropped.  They get sharper with age, but they can also become misshapen when used with heavy aggregates.   They will not rust, but care must be taken with the wood handle (not to be left sitting in water).

Size translations:

  •   120mm (4.7")
  •   150mm (5.9")
  •   180mm (7")
  •   210mm (8.3")
  •   240mm (9.5")
  •   270mm (10.6")
  •   300mm (11.8")

Be a plaster samurai!
  Did you know?  When the Edo period in Japan came to a close and the samurai fought their final battle, the production of swords was forbidden.  As a result, highly skilled sword blacksmiths, concentrated on making carpentry and plastering tools.  To this day, Japan is known for its exquisite carpentry and plastering tools.

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