Faux Marble by  Pierre Lefumat

Faux Marble by Pierre Lefumat

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What's yest to love? This is a monument to 60 years dedicated to decorative painting. The first part of the book is a step-by-step guide for painting the most widely imitated marble varieties including white breccia, yellow sienna, sea green, and more. The second part of the book is a gallery of Lefumat's photorealistic faux marble. Each page represents a closer and closer detailed view. Experts and beginners alike will draw inspiration from this magnificent book

  • Step by step instruction for recreating Lefumat's masterworks in Faux Marble
  • Over 140 pages of rich close-up color photographs of Lefumat's painted panels
  • Hundreds of pages of faux marble for reference and inspiration
  • French text with English translation
  • 175 pages
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