Ornamentation works of Berain

Ornamentation works of Berain

123 pages: The works of Berain: Ornamentalist to King Louis XVI in the late 18th century
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Motifs Ornamentaux - The works of Berain: Ornamentalist to the King. Berain created works primarily for King Louis XVI in the late 18th century. Many of his works are found at the Louvre Museum in Paris. He decorated chateau's with his advanced ornamentation techniques. Each page surpasses the next with explosive design and classic synergy. We especially love the many grotesque patterns he created. Because of the symmetry of his works, complex designs can be easily simplified to fit your needs. Just copy, enlarge, and you're ready to paint!

  • Reference book of the works of Berain
  • Unbelievable grotesque patterns
  • Classic designs, clearly drawn
  • 123 pages, all lithography black imagery
  • French text, but very little text
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