Squirrel Flat 2-Header

Squirrel Flat 2-Header

Soft hair, 2-flat tips, wire-tied quill
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This is the original woodgrainer's tool for mostly straight graining. Many brushes can be used to grain, but there isn't a substitute to our black squirrel 2-header. It delivers the most realistic rendering in woodgraining because it makes a new print every time. Each head is packed with hair so it can run a full length of panel without reloading medium. Also, great for painting the heartgrain on walnut.

  • Natural black squirrel with 5-10% synthetic nylon
  • Wire-tied natural quill
  • Can be used in oil/water when dedicated (learn more)
  • Good for strie on intricate surfaces and low relief carvings
  • Run brush through a comb for graining for print control
  • Best for walnut, pine, sycamore, cherry, zebra wood, & many more
  • Use for fine chiqueteuring
  • Similar to VEINETTE

Brush Usage: straight graining; wood heartgrain

Hair Length:
Available Sizes:
Hair type:
1.6" (42mm)
.3" (8mm) each to .75" (19mm) full span
Squirrel Mix
Brush Length:
Ferrule Type:
Brush care:
1.6" (42mm)
Drummer's Hold, Pencil Hold
wooden round long
Water: Wash with soap, Oil: Thinned & lard