Tapestry Patterns- Aubusson, France | VL-34

Tapestry Patterns- Aubusson, France | VL-34




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A must have for all muralists and ornamentalists! This collection of carton is the first book of its kind. These cartons were hand-painted mock-ups scaled for the tapestry maker to produce18th century rugs and tapestry. This book offers a great source of information on fading with opaque tonality. Learn to rely more on brush strokes and color, rather than softening for a faded look. For those who struggle with trompe l'êoeil, this book will break down highlights and shadow in increments for greater understanding.

  • Excellent for ceiling, frieze, and floral ornamentation
  • Vivid colors are easy to read and translate into your own design
  • Excellent close-ups
  • If you struggle with painting flowers, this is the book for you
  • Similar to block wallpaper printing of 18th century
  • This is a STEP-by-STEP book
  • 279 pages, Text is English and in French. Written by Chantal Chirac

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