MIDAS Metall®

Starter kits
Our starter kit is discounted 15-20% and includes enough material to create up to 10 SF of samples. You can purchase it at anytime prior to training.

MIDAS Metall® is a luxurious metal skin that takes on the authentic characteristics of metal because it is REAL METAL.  Whether it is BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS, STEEL or TIN, this innovative product offers a myriad of stunning effects.   It is visually unique, durable and resistant.  Almost any object of any given size and shape can be coated with the seamless metal skin – in an entirely cold process without any heat applied.

This cold liquid metal process can cover and transform spaces and objects with the look of natural metal.  Imagine solid metal with its many matte, rusty, shiny, or textured looks.  This visual quality is achieved with MM.  Finishes are gently shimmering, boldly textured or polished up to a high gloss.  Learn more here

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