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Canvas Tote

Canvas Tote

Thick canvas tote with lots of pockets
Code: CASE-4


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Pierre's favorite deluxe, tag-a long organizer. This canvas tote has multiple pockets along the outer edge and contains a large center for all of your decorative painting tools and supplies. Have a tote for every task - get organized!

  • Small eyesugh to carry easily
  • Durable construction
  • Stiff canvas prevents tipping
  • Hooks to ladders and scaffolding securely
  • TIP: great to carry rolls of tape for prep; makes job estimating easier with collective measuring tools or paint decks; and of course, use for all your fine decorative painting brushes, paint, supplies, and still room for snacks!
  • 14 inches long, 6 inches wide
  • 8 inches deep

Brush Usage: complete canvas tote for tools and brushes

Medium: Hair Length: 14 in / 350 mm
Available Sizes: Dia./width : 6 in / 150 mm
Hair type: Brush Length:
Ferrule Type: Holdings:
Handle: Brush care: complete canvas tote for tools and brushes