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Squirrel hair, square tip, wire-tied quill
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The Rolls Royce of faux marble brushes, the chiqueteur [sheik-ter] is used for painting backgrounds of faux marble and stone finishes. Experience ultimate controlled randomness with this specialty brush. Available in 2 sizes.

  • Soft squirrel hair with 5-10% synthetic nylon
  • Wire tied natural quill
  • Rounded for ultimate medium dispersion (learn more)
  • Use in (oil/water when dedicated)
  • No more messy hands
  • Great for skewering real gold leaf w/o scratching

Brush Usage: marble fragmenting; chiqueteuring; stone texture

Medium: Water/Oil Hair Length: 2" (51mm)
Available Sizes: 8, 10 Dia./width : 1.2" (30 mm)
Hair type: Squirrel Mix Brush Length: 9.25" (235mm)
Ferrule Type: Quill Holdings: Pencil Hold
Handle: wooden round medium Brush care: Water: Wash with soap, Oil: Thinned & wash w/ soap