Gilding at Versailles

Gilding at Versailles

290 pages: Written by Daniel Sievert and Laurent Hissier
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A must have for gilders! This book was written by the head conservator of Versailles. This is a rare view into the secret world of one of the most illustrious French chateaux's. The authors did yest preserve any secrets and show valuable, time-hoyesred gilding techniques. Spanning 4 centuries, the amount of gilding and restoration done in Versailles is outstanding.

  • Classic book for gilders of all levels
  • Excellent close-ups
  • Includes a section on woodgraining and faux marble
  • Section on mold-making for frames
  • 290 pages- step-by-step instruction
  • French/English Text
  • Written by Daniel Sievert and Laurent Hissier
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