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Cat Tongue

Cat Tongue

Soft squirrel hair, domed tip, for tonal overglazing
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Shaped like a cat's tongue, this flat and slightly pointed brush is perfect for straight graining like those found in ribbon mahogany. Sketch out the wood heartgrain without worry with this delicate brush. Also, its soft squirrel hair glides over the surface and stays loaded which is best for tonal layering and wet-on-wet applications.

  • Flat, filbert shape
  • Natural black squirrel with 5-10% synthetic nylon
  • Soft hair prevents removal wet underglaze
  • Great for all woods with multi-tonality (see also SYNTHETIC SPALTER)
  • Perfect for woodgraining on relief's, mantles, fluting, & other intricate surfaces
  • Fantastic for burnishing real gold leaf w/o scratching (see also, Chiqueteur)

Brush Usage: ribbon mahogany graining; adding tonality wet-on-wet

Medium: Oil/Water Hair Length: 1.4" (35mm)
Available Sizes: 8 Dia./width : 1" (25.5mm)
Hair type: Squirrel/mixture Brush Length: 9" (228mm)
Ferrule Type: Tin Holdings: Drummer's Hold, Pencil Hold
Handle: wooden round medium Brush care: Water: Wash with soap, Oil: Thinned & lard