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About the Product

The HV'Art Paint & Lacquer System can be made in any color, has a hard crystal quality, a soft silky-smooth finish and in formulation is equivalent to the paints & lacquers used by premium furniture makers. Included in the system are: adhesion promoting primers & undercoats, tinted lacquer paint for furniture painting & a ‘Decorative Canvas’ as a base for decorative glazes. There are four different setting ‘Lacquer Glazes’ for all decorative finishes & a range of crystal lacquers with 9 sheens available starting from ‘Mineral 00’ Deep Flat working their way incrementally to the ‘Ceramic 90’ Ultimate Gloss. These lacquers can be used in conjunction with the HV’Art additives for ultimate durability.

This specialist lacquer paint range has been brought to market in collaboration with Elmbridge supplies, a 3rd generation family business based in Gloucester, who have the production facilities and flexible approach needed to support the demands of the decorative finishes industry.

Formulated in the United Kingdom by the HV'Art team for Henry Van Der Vijver Decorative Artworks.

Achieve Ultra High-Gloss

A luxurious ultra high-gloss mirror finish can be achieved through the process of application, followed by sanding with a high quality low variable speed handheld sander, and then reapplication.  Each lacquer sheen can have a natural finish with fine brush strokes or can be sanded to a mirror like effect.

Our Eco-Friendly Stand

Water-based solvent free:  We have been instrumental in the environmentally friendly water borne paint movement in the UK and although est. in 1988 the business has been trading as a ‘Green’ business since 1996 believing in looking after the planet, ourselves & our clients. It is our policy to use as few if any solvents as possible. We combine traditional skills with the continual improvement in modern waterborne technology so that our designs and finishes create minimal environmental impact. Unlike traditional oil-based paint systems our finishes are multi layered & quick drying making their conservation more cost effective. We use our own HV’ART Lacquer Paint™ system for basecoats, furniture painting, decorative glaze finishes & lacquering & other than any specialist primers and stoppers this system is relatively odorless, solvent free, colour-fast & non-yellowing which ensures that there will be minimal if any discoloration even in direct sunlight or behind furniture & paintings etc.

Developed in the U.K. 

The HV'Art product range has been developed by the team of craftsmen at Henry van der Vijver in London.  It is a unique waterborne, environmentally friendly paint and lacquer system for specialist surface designs and finishes. 

Distribution in North America

FauxBrushes.com is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of HV'Art Lacquer Paint


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HV’Art Lacquer is a Clear single-pack waterborne Lacquer suitable for coating a wide range of Interior Surfaces.
It is formulated for ultimate transparency, good chemical resistance, excellent hardness, and resistance to thermoplasticity. The exceptional structure enables vertical hold far beyond domestic products, excellent for use in situ.
HV’Art Lacquer is an inherently non-yellowing formulation, suitable for use over difficult substrates.


Ranging from a Deep Matt through to almost Wet-Look.
Mineral 00, Stone 02, Parchment 04, Vellum 06, Boiserie 08, Honed 10, Lustre 20, Quartz 40, Gilt 60, Ceramic 90,


N/A Transparent.


As a Protective coat over Decorative Glaze, as a clear finish on all Solid Timber items, Doors, furniture, turned parts, frames, skirting boards, wall panelling, and stairs.


Synthetic brush & fine-haired rollers


Typically add between 10-20% drinking water depending on the requirements of flow and build.

Technical characteristics

Solids content (%): 31 ± 2
Specific gravity (kg/l): 1.030 ± 0.030 Viscosity (DIN 4 at 20°C): 150seconds
VOC Content: 42 g/ltr

General characteristics

Drying time (60 g/m2 at 20°C): Dust free 20’ Touch dry 60’
Sandable: 4 hours

Stir the product well before application to disperse any possible sedimentation. This operation is essential to ensure even matting on the substrate

Thanks to the contents of acrylic/polyurethane resins and to its properties of excellent pore marking, it is particularly suitable for two-coat systems for open pore wood.


Drying of waterborne products must take place at temperatures not below 15°C and at a relative humidity preferably not exceeding 85%. Out of these limits, there is a slowing down of the drying and/or formation of a less hard and resistant film. It is always advisable for drying to be forced, with air previously de-humidified and warm (20-30°C).

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