Midas Metall® Applicator Training

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Training Process 

Applicator training

The product takes practice to apply.   MIDAS Metall® strives for successful application therefore expert training is necessary.

MIDAS Metall® is committed to the success of its applicators and wants applicators to have a full understanding of how the product works prior to starting a permanent project with a client.   The 2 part, unit-based system has beautiful results when mixed, applied, and polished correctly.  Applicators must be authorized with the training before purchasing product to ensure proper application.

However, a Starter Kit (in SPRAY or NON-SPRAY) or sample book may be purchased prior to authorization to become familiar with the product and to see if you would like to pursue training.


Online Training

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Over 4 hours of training by Pierre Finkelstein.  Covers all the basics of the product, proper mixing, and application.   Elements of the process such as application (spray, non-spray), brushing with blue brush, sanding, polishing, patination, and sealing/waxing.

  • Cost: $299 (20% discount offered with purchase of starter kit) for access to online training.
  • After the training, the applicator will need to send pictures of samples t
    o prove product understanding to get complete authorization

Pierre Finkelstein will teach you the following stages through lecture and demonstration:

  • What is MIDAS Metall®?
  • Preparation of your substrate
  • Mixing MIDAS Metall®
  • Application of MIDAS Metall®
  • Polishing MIDAS Metall®
  • Protection of MIDAS Metall®

 In-person Training

 2 Day Training, offered once or twice per year in Brooklyn depending on demand.  The online video will be included as an intro before the in-person training.

  • Cost: $1,200 approximate cost includes materials
  • Applicator will need to bring their own Polishing machine
  • After class you are automatically authorized

**This product is for professional use only and requires ventilated space and safety equipment (mask / respirator / gloves / goggles)

For more information please call email info@fauxbrushes.com