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A Seamless Path to Nature

MIDAS Metall®  is a luxurious metal skin that takes on the authentic characteristics of metal because it is REAL METAL.  Whether it is BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS, STEEL or TIN, this innovative product offers a myriad of stunning effects.   It is visually unique, durable and resistant.  Almost any object of any given size and shape can be coated with the seamless metal skin – in an entirely cold process without any heat applied.

This cold liquid metal process can cover and transform spaces and objects with the look of natural metal.  Imagine solid metal with its many matte, rusty, shiny, or textured looks.  This visual quality is achieved with MIDAS Metall®.  Finishes are gently shimmering, boldly textured or polished up to a high gloss.


Applied thinly like a skin

 The results of practiced application, delivers a thin metal layer between 0.1 and 2.0 mm thick. Once the coat is cured overnight, surfaces are finely sanded and polished. The surface can either be sealed or simply left natural.   

MIDAS Metall® is very durable, with the innovative MIDAS Metall® binder, the 2 part, unit-based system adheres well to practically any surface and resists cracking or peeling.   Applicators are always confident that MIDAS Metall® will have a solid bond with a well-prepped surface and clients are pleased with the long-lasting finish.


Industry leader

MIDAS Metall® is seen as the market leader in many countries around the world, with very prestigious projects, brand owners and designers, the reference list of MIDAS Metall® is certainly the most comprehensive and illustrious. 

MIDAS Metall® remains on top because of the premium quality metal powders and innovative binder. 

MIDAS Metall® uses actual metal powder and each batch is composed of up to 95% METAL.   The water-based binder has received wide acclaim and praise from our many dedicated applicators from around the world.

Higher priced product with ultimate savings 

When the natural powders are mixed together with a superb binder, the result is superior control with excellent adhesion.  Together, this 2 part, unit-based system is effectively applied very thinly, offering an ultimate savings with less product.  

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Weight issues are solved by applying a metal skin on lighter, more economical materials.  Imagine the luxurious look of solid metal on feature walls, reception desks or other fine furniture or cabinets.

Great for curved surfaces

Because of this thin application, this superb product allows a lot of flex. MIDAS Metall® is very successfully applied on curved surfaces such as reception desks or columns.  MIDAS Metall® hugs the surface further resembling solid metal.  Offering a characteristic inflection of surfaces made with real metal.


Best features of MIDAS METALL®

  • Thin but powerful “Metal Skin” - a magnet sticks to it!
  • An extensive range of metals –18 colors of real metal types and variations.
  • A unique, luxurious, natural look
  • Apply to virtually any primed substrate (curves, furniture, texture, etc).
  • Can be used with all hand application techniques (brushed, rolled, palette knife, trowel, etc.)
  • Amazing when sprayed for an ultra thin layer 
  • Can be polished & patinated
  • Can be polished to a high-gloss, mirror effect
  • Finishes are Seamless, unlike those of real metal
  • Water-based Binder Low VOC & smell for indoor use
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Dries overnight (Full cure is 36 hours)

Why choose MIDAS Metall®?

MIDAS Metall® is a cold metallization finish company whose 2 part, UNIT BASED system provides an authentic metal powder combined with an advanced binder that offers strength and versatility to metal finishes.  

  • Binder + Powder combo works so well together
  • Powder comes in wide array of colors (18 colors of metal)
  • Binder has superb adhesion to a myriad of surfaces  
  • Binder is offered in both SPRAY and NON-SPRAY varieties for a wide array of application possibilities.
  • Spray applications are highly successful by dispersing a super thin layer over flat or textured surfaces
  • Durability and resistant just like metal
  • UV, weather and chemical resistant (depending on the metal) metal type. 
  • MIDAS Metall® is considered an industry leader.  The product stands firm over years of use in the most prestigious and wide variety of projects.


Training Process

Applicator training

The product takes practice to apply.   MIDAS Metall® strives for successful application therefore expert training is necessary.

MIDAS Metall® is committed to the success of its applicators and wants applicators to have a full understanding of how the product works prior to starting a permanent project with a client.   The 2 part, unit-based system has beautiful results when mixed, applied, and polished correctly.  Applicators must be authorized with the training before purchasing product to ensure proper application.

However, a Starter Kit (in SPRAY or NON-SPRAY) or sample book may be purchased prior to authorization to become familiar with the product and to see if you would like to pursue training.


Online Training

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Over 2.5 hours of training by Pierre Finkelstein.  Covers all the basics of the product, proper mixing, and application.   Elements of the process such as application (spray, non-spray), brushing with blue brush, sanding, polishing, patination, and sealing/waxing.

  • Cost: $299 (20% discount offered with purchase of starter kit) for access to online training.
  • After the training, the applicator will need to send pictures of samples t
    o prove product understanding to get complete authorization

Pierre Finkelstein will teach you the following stages through lecture and demonstration:

  • What is MIDAS Metall®?
  • Preparation of your substrate
  • Mixing MIDAS Metall®
  • Application of MIDAS Metall®
  • Polishing MIDAS Metall®
  • Protection of MIDAS Metall®

 In-person Training

 2 Day Training, offered once or twice per year in Brooklyn depending on demand.  The online video will be included as an intro before the in-person training.

  • Cost: $1,200 approximate cost includes materials
  • Applicator will need to bring their own Polishing machine
  • After class you are automatically authorized

**This product is for professional use only and requires ventilated space and safety equipment (mask / respirator / gloves / goggles)

For more information please call email info@fauxbrushes.com