MIDAS Metall® Starter Kit
      MIDAS Metall® Starter Kit
      MIDAS Metall® Starter Kit
      MIDAS Metall® Bronze Powder
      MIDAS Metall® Starter Kit
      MIDAS Metall® Starter Kit
      MIDAS Metall® Starter Kit

      MIDAS Metall® Starter Kit


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      MIDAS Metall® remains on top because of the premium quality metal powders and innovative binders. MIDAS Metall® uses actual metal powder; each batch is composed of up to 95% METAL. 

      Start Training online with the Online Applicator Authorization Training with Pierre Finkelstein

      Bundle Training with our Upgraded Kits and save 15% for 2.1 Non-Spray and 2.0 Spray

      MIDAS Metall® starter kit available for purchase prior to training.  Can be used to create up to 10 SF (Spray) or 9 SF(Non-spray) of samples depending on thickness of application.  

      Spray 2.0 Sample Kit -  20% off Retail Price

      • 3 Pieces of Sandpaper in following grits (P240, P320, P400, P600, P800)
      • 1 Piece of Trizact Sandpaper in the following grits (P1500, P3000, P4000)
      • 1 Piece 3M Finesse-it Buffing Pad 
      • 50g Tube of Flitz Polishing Paste
      • 800g of MIDAS Metall® Powder
      • 267g of MIDAS Metall® Spray 2.0 Binder
      • Guide and Video Tutorial for usage

      Non-Spray 2.1 Sample Kit - 15% off Retail Price

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      Aluminum Composite Sample Boards - Create fast and easy samples with no basecoat needed.  Just give it a sand and then apply your MIDAS Metall®

          *Starter kit is sold at a discount as an introductory product.  1 per customer.
          Storage:  to be stored in a temperature stable environment without large temperature swings; no frost, not under 0 degree Celsius; store at room temperature the day before application

          About MIDAS Metall®

          MIDAS Metall® is a luxurious metal skin that takes on the authentic characteristics of metal because it is REAL METAL.  Whether it is BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS, STEEL or TIN, this innovative product offers a myriad of stunning effects.   It is visually unique, durable and resistant.  Almost any object of any given size and shape can be coated with the seamless metal skin – in an entirely cold process without any heat applied.

          This cold liquid metal process can cover and transform spaces and objects with the look of natural metal.  Imagine solid metal with its many matte, rusty, shiny, or textured looks.  This visual quality is achieved with MIDAS Metall®.  Finishes are gently shimmering, boldly textured or polished up to a high gloss.  

          Applied thinly like a skin ..

           The results of practiced application, delivers a thin metal layer between 0.1 and 2.0 mm thick. Once the coat is cured overnight, surfaces are finely sanded and polished. The surface can either be sealed or simply left natural.   

          MIDAS Metall® is very durable.  

          With the innovative MIDAS Metall® binder, the 2 part, unit-based system adheres well to practically any surface and resists cracking or peeling.   Applicators are always confident that MIDAS Metall® will have a solid bond with a well-prepped surface and clients are pleased with the long-lasting finish.

          *Please call 1-888-FAUX-ART for more information on this product