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Pierre Finkelstein has been teaching decorative painting all over the world since 1987. In addition to teaching individual students, he has demonstrated, taught and developed teaching curriculums for private organizations, businesses, and unions.  Formerly located in NYC, the Pierre Finkelstein Institute of Decorative Painting's in-person school in now located in Brooklyn, NY.  

Pierre Finkelstein is dedicated to teaching faux finishing techniques using the latest mediums and technology available. He teaches the efficient techniques that he uses on his own jobs in his NYC business, Grand Illusion Decorative Painting Inc. He shares his experiences with the students in an open forum and bases his information on real jobsite situations.  Pierre Finkelstein is dedicated to teaching the tradition of fine European decorative painting. His classes are designed to efficiently give a comprehensive explanation of the following elements of decorative painting:


 Standard teaching procedure:

    • Instruction on the correct use of color
    • Correct hand positioning and hand movement with the brushes
    • How to properly hold and use tools
    • An explanation of the characteristics of marble types, wood essence, and all other natural finishes
    • A series of drawings performed as practice exercises
    • Overview of technical information including different types of glazes, (oil vs. water)
    • Preparing your own glaze with any available products, (oil, acrylic, etc.)  


Call for requests!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Pierre will break down the techniques clearly so you will be able to learn.   Please fill out this Survey  if you are interested in Online or In Person training with Pierre Finkelstein.  Please send us an email with your requests for the specific classes and ideal location.

HV’Art Gesso Style Primer is a waterborne Polyurethane Primer developed for unsurpassed adhesion to a whole range of surfaces and is very forgiving for hand application.

It has a high pigment content and a high solids content, with excellent opacity and excellent filling power.

GSP is formulated to sand exceptionally well, with immediate powder-up, and ultimate skin-like feel.

GSP can also be applied very successfully by Spray where required.


n/a (Matte)

Available in White or Tintable 

All woodwork, joinery, furniture, kitchen cabinets & trim including picture frames, skirting board, doors & staircases. Wall surfaces, ceilings, coving.


Synthetic brush & fine haired rollers

Mixing procedure:
Ready for use depending on requirements, for best flow by brush GSP can be thinned with drinking water up to 20%, build will be proportionately reduced but coverage and opacity remain.

Technical characteristics

Solids content (%): 56 ± 1
Specific gravity (kg/l): 1.365 ± 0.030 Viscosity (DIN 6 at 20°C): 40” ± 8”
VOC Content: 47 g/ltr

Recommended application weight: 150 to 250 per coat if applied by spray to timber substrate. No realistic maximum loading when applying by hand, as film weight cannot achieve this from manual application methods.

Touch dry (room temperature): 1 hour Sandable (room temperature): 4 hours sandable (by forced drying tunnel): 1 hour Sandable (by forced IR drying): 30mins

Drying times are indicative because they depend on temperature, humidity, & importantly air flow conditions.

Drying of waterborne products must take place at temperatures not below 15°C and at a relative humidity preferably not exceeding 85%. Out of these limits, there is a slowing down of the drying and/or formation of a less hard and resistant film. It is always advisable for drying to be forced, with air previously de-humidified and warm (20-30°C).

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