Alpha 6 AlphaKlean Brush Cleaner

Alpha 6 AlphaKlean Brush Cleaner




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Alphaklean is a highly refined, all purpose brush cleaner. Alphaklean can be used on synthetic and natural hair brush, with any/all types of paint, including acrylic, latex, dies, stains, varnishes, enamels. This is an agressive cleaner that will not harm your expensive brushes.


Directions: After using brushes, or in between colors, dunk, dip, swirl, and press your brush into an ounce of AlphaKlean. Use paper towel to wipe off excess cleaner. Repeat if necessary.


Directions for removing hardened paint from brush: Use our Alpha 6 Brush cleaner pot. Fill pot with AlphaKlean, and hang brush into cleaner. Make sure all hairs and the bottom of the ferrule is submerged when hung. Let brush sit for 8 hrs, then remove brush, and carefully bend and work dried paint from bristles with your fingers. Repeat if necessary

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