Mixol® Glitter Effect Tinting Paste
Mixol® Glitter Effect Tinting Paste

Mixol® Glitter Effect Tinting Paste




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The only glitter designed to float to the surface! Binder-free multi-purpose past, with a high proportion of glitter-effect pigments for the effective enhancement of all types of wall paint. Amazing in Venetian Plaster finishes!

For transparent types of coating, the addition of glitter is most effective.  The particularly low weight of the glitter pigments causes to be suspended on the surface of the paint film. Due to this property, even colored wall paints can be enhanced with the addition of the glitter

Mixol is very concentrated so less is more!


  • This is true universal liquid – it’s compatible with water, oil and solvent-based materials. 
  • Glitter particles are designed to float to the top! Very unusual for glitters, which are heavy and always sink to the bottom.
  • Made in Germany

Item shown: Mixol Glitter Effect Tints 80ml
Model #: MO-GE

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