Proje Premium Ceramic Coating 8 oz.

Proje Premium Ceramic Coating 8 oz.




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Proje Ceramic Coating is an easy-to-use ceramic coating that will protect your metal finish from all the common contaminants that rob it of its luster and longevity.  Using our exclusive nanotechnology, the essentia.....
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Proje Ceramic Coating is an easy-to-use ceramic coating that will protect your metal finish from all the common contaminants that rob it of its luster and longevity.  Using our exclusive nanotechnology, the essential particle elements of Ceramic Coating seal all pores making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and even anti-graffiti.

Usage with MIDAS Metall® -

Wipe on, wait 2 mins, wipe off.  Repeat for 2-3 applications. Only use Proje on a newly polished Midas surface (never on an old sample).  Use before the Renaissance Wax.   Proje is penetrating to seal the surface (wax is not penetrating, and stays on top of surface).  Wax can be used on top if needed.  Optional product but adds protection under the wax.  Can NOT be applied on top of any wax, including the Pre-Lim Burnisher.

See Also: MSDS - Safety Data Sheets

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A Seamless Path to Nature

MIDAS Metall®  is a luxurious metal skin that takes on the authentic characteristics of metal.  Whether it is BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS, STEEL or TIN, this cold-metallization product offers a myriad of stunning effects bound only by the creativity of the applicator.   Resulting finishes are unique, luxurious, and durable.  Almost any object of any given size and shape can be coated with the seamless metal skin.

Imagine solid metal with its many matte, rusty, shiny, or textured looks.  This visual quality is achieved with MIDAS Metall®.  Endless creations are possible with over 18 natural metal colors. 

Actual metal is the main contents of every batch of powder.  Each batch is composed of up to 95% metal.   The water-based binder has received wide acclaim and praise from our applicators.  Together, MIDAS Metall® has seen great successes with the 2-part, unit based system.

From first class hotel chains and international luxury retail brands to exclusive interiors of restaurants, yachts and luxury homes – MIDAS Metall® is often the finish of choice for creating modern elegant atmospheres with that unique touch.  


Training to Become an Authorized Applicator Click Here

MIDAS Metall® is an industry leader

MIDAS Metall® is seen as a market leader around the world.  Accelaides include prestigious projects, brand owners and designers.  The resume of our successful applicators is certainly the most comprehensive and illustrious. 

MIDAS Metall® remains on top due to the premium-quality natural metal powders and ultimate performance binder.   

They’ve been around for a while and therefore have stood the test of time.  Worldwide applicators have used this system in a wide range of creative projects in prestigious locations with stunning results.

Premium quality with ultimate savings

MIDAS Metall® is the best choice for the most unique, luxurious and durable finish.   When the natural powders are mixed together with a superb binder, the result is superior control with excellent adhesion.   Our 2 part, unit-based system is effectively applied very thinly, offering an ultimate savings with less product.  

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Weight issues are solved by applying a metal skin on lighter, more economical materials.  Imagine the luxurious look of solid metal on feature walls, reception desks or other fine furniture or cabinets.   Surfaces finished with MIDAS Metall® can mystify the viewer and pass for real metal.

The process of Cold metallization 

The process of cold metallization combines metal powder into a liquid binder.  After combining this 2-part mixture, it is applied, cured, and then polished.   The polishing step is where the magic happens and the results are gently shimmering, boldly textured or polished up to a high gloss.  The surface can either be sealed or simply left natural.  

This 2-part system is sold in 3KG units.   The measured powder is sold in a unit to be mixed with a very specific measure of binder.   

Superior binder

When the natural powders are mixed together with a superb binder, the result is superior control with excellent adhesion.  Together, this 2-part system is effectively applied very thinly, offering an ultimate savings with less product.  

MIDAS Metall® Binders are sold in two viscosity types based on application.  For both binders, an additional product, the DILUTER, helps adjust the viscosity of the binder.   This allows for more coverage and ease of application. 

Even though a solvent-base binder exists, the Water-base is the only medium sold in the USA.  

Applied thinly like a skin

With practiced application, MIDAS Metall® levels so well and melts into the surface resulting in the thinnest metal layer.  So very thin and yet a magnet will stick

The 2.0 SPRAY BINDER is the thinner type used primarily for spray or roll applications for the purpose of creating a thin, metal film.   This binder is so much more than a thinner type of medium.  It is specifically formulated for spray or fine roller applications.  It has superior leveling qualities, producing smooth and well-covered results.

Applied thicker with endless possibilities 

The 2.1 NON-SPRAY BINDER is a thicker formula for everything else (brush, roller, trowel, etc.)  This binder is our most popular type due to the myriad of possible finishes and combinations.  This is where the artistry begins.  Thick enough to be applied by trowel and still manageable with a brush or thick roller.  Thicker applications lend to luxurious, modern, and fresh finishes that are one of a kind.    

Long-lasting durability 

With the innovative MIDAS Metall® binder, the 2-part, unit-based system adheres well to practically any surface and resists cracking or peeling.   Applicators are always confident that MIDAS Metall® will have a solid bond with a well-prepped surface and clients are pleased with the long-lasting finish.

Distinguished on curved surfaces

MIDAS Metall® is very successfully applied on curved surfaces such as reception desks or columns.  MIDAS Metall® hugs the flex surface and mimics the inflections points of metal.  The result is natural, slick, and seamless.

The polishing step unveils the shine

Real metal offers real metal results.  Once cured, finishes can be polished to a wide range of sheens up to a mirror-like finish.  MIDAS Metall® sets itself apart with the superior water-base binder that allows for a bright, high-gloss shine.

Patination, a gift from nature

A magical part about real metal is the oxidation and patination that occurs in nature. This organic maturing and color shift is possible with each of our 18+ natural metal colors.  Normal and environmental wear and tear creates beauty in aging.

For example, some common patinating results:   copper will turn green, steel turns rusty, brass moves toward brown varieties.   

Required training for success 

MIDAS Metall® supports its applicators by requiring a level of training before using the 2-part, unit-based, cold-metallization system.  The products must be stored, mixed, and applied in a specific and regimented way.   The learning curve would be too challenging and expensive without training.    MIDAS Metall® is committed and invested in the success of its applicators.

Training begins at the purchase of the online course presented by Pierre Finkelstein.   Applicators-in-training are responsible for taking the online course and submitting 2 finished samples created as a result of taking the course.   Pending approval from the North American MIDAS Metall® training center, students become approved applicators of the MIDAS Metall® product system.

 The minimal initial investment for authorization is the current price of the starter kit (in SPRAY or NON-SPRAY) plus our LEVEL 1 ONLINE AUTHORIZATION TRAINING.    Additionally, a sample book may be purchased prior to authorization. 




Over 4 hours of training by Pierre Finkelstein.   Sign Up Here

Online Level 1 video covers:

  • Introduction and explanation of MIDAS Metall® product line and system selling points
  • proper storage and mixing  
  • popular application techniques:  Spray, roll, 
  • Uses both 2.0 SPRAY and 2.1 NON-SPRAY BINDERS
  • polishing steps: brushing with blue brush, sanding, polishing
  • Buffing  
  • Patination 
  • Sealing/waxing
  • Maintenance

Cost:  $299 (20% discount offered with purchase of starter kit) cost for membership to online training.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to gain complete authorization, the applicator will need to send pictures of completed samples to verify product understanding as well as jobsite followup on their first job.  Submit to

Level 2 In-Person training

In-person training is offered periodically at our Brooklyn training center.  Students will be automatically authorized after completing the class.

Check our schedule and get on our email list for updates.  The $1,200 typical tuition includes general materials, sample boards, and MIDAS Metall® products (students must bring certain supplies including a polishing machine).   The online video will be included as a pre-requisite prior to the in-person class.

Learn More Here

Learn about MIDAS Metall® Click Here

Training Process 

Applicator training

The product takes practice to apply.   MIDAS Metall® strives for successful application therefore expert training is necessary.

MIDAS Metall® is committed to the success of its applicators and wants applicators to have a full understanding of how the product works prior to starting a permanent project with a client.   The 2 part, unit-based system has beautiful results when mixed, applied, and polished correctly.  Applicators must be authorized with the training before purchasing product to ensure proper application.

However, a Starter Kit (in SPRAY or NON-SPRAY) or sample book may be purchased prior to authorization to become familiar with the product and to see if you would like to pursue training.


Online Training

Sign Up Here

Over 4 hours of training by Pierre Finkelstein.  Covers all the basics of the product, proper mixing, and application.   Elements of the process such as application (spray, non-spray), brushing with blue brush, sanding, polishing, patination, and sealing/waxing.

  • Cost: $299 (20% discount offered with purchase of starter kit) for access to online training.
  • After the training, the applicator will need to send pictures of samples t
    o prove product understanding to get complete authorization

Pierre Finkelstein will teach you the following stages through lecture and demonstration:

  • What is MIDAS Metall®?
  • Preparation of your substrate
  • Mixing MIDAS Metall®
  • Application of MIDAS Metall®
  • Polishing MIDAS Metall®
  • Protection of MIDAS Metall®

 In-person Training

 2 Day Training, offered once or twice per year in Brooklyn depending on demand.  The online video will be included as an intro before the in-person training.

  • Cost: $1,200 approximate cost includes materials
  • Applicator will need to bring their own Polishing machine
  • After class you are automatically authorized

**This product is for professional use only and requires ventilated space and safety equipment (mask / respirator / gloves / goggles)

For more information please call email




Over 4 hours of training by Pierre Finkelstein in the use of MIDAS Metall®

Covers all the basics

Of product, proper mixing, and application. Elements of the process such as application (spray, non-spray), grinding with the blue brush, sanding, polishing, patination, and sealing.


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