GOLDEN PRO Sandstone Texture
GOLDEN PRO Sandstone Texture

GOLDEN PRO Sandstone Texture




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Golden Paintworks Lifestyle Finishes Cut Sandstone is a semi-opaque texture that requires minimal surface preparation. It is made up of a slightly coarse, uniform material, with the look of cemented grains of sediment, useful for effects from rustic to industrial. It produces a coarse, but relatively, non-absorbent surface that may be easily overglazed. Highly versatile material. Easily tints up to 10% with most universal colorants. Easily over-glazed. Tint with DISPERSIONS for a concentrated additive or Slow-dry FLUIDS for a longer open time. Dries hard after curing.

Disclaimer: Best tinted or painted over. Any natural aggregate will vary in shade and size.  Aggregate can have chemical reactions and cause a variation in color or hue.

*Please note that limited supplies are kept in store and extra shipping time may be needed. 

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