Folio of Swedish Grain by Ove Hammarstedt

Folio of Swedish Grain by Ove Hammarstedt | VL-46




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A RARE modern printing of a traditional folio.  This folio is a great way to study the details in the grain of a master Swedish decorative painter.  Limited Amount available for sale.  Only 9 copies available that are signed by the artist.


 *Please note that these folios are small artist made so small imperfections may be present*




This OVERSIZED (15.5" x 20.5"), full-color, unbounded folio presents the extensive skill and works of OVE HAMMARSTEDT.  Plate after plate, you will be in awe of his fine detail and use of vivid colors in his faux bois.  This 12-plate book features 11 full color images of common and rare species of wood.   This folio will be a treasured addition to your library along with an invaluable resource for the study of faux bois.   




OVE HAMMARSTEDT is such an accomplished decorative painter and a real artisan of Faux! 



"Ove captured the essence of 19th century Northern European style of wood graining which has a mixture of very spontaneous work that is completed in 2 or 3 steps (often wet on wet), and the traditional delicate and refined oil techniques of France.  When I first saw his panel and sample work in Stockholm I really thought that they were the work of a very old painter who would have done his training in the 1930's!  When I met Ove in 1994 I could not believe he was the artist that had captured the Northern school spirit since he was only in his mid 30's" -Pierre Finkelstein



Text is in Swedish. Printed in 2003





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